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    by Heidi Groover

    Charleena Lyles younger sister, Tiffany Rodgers, and other family members led a march in the wake of Lyles death.
    Charleena Lyles' younger sister, Tiffany Rodgers, and other family members led a march in the wake of Lyles' death.nate gowdy

    The family of Charleena Lyles does not plan to participate in a public hearing tonight about her death, according to Andre Taylor, a local reform advocate who's been working with Lyles' family since Seattle Police killed her on June 18. That day, Lyles, a pregnant mother of four, called police to report a burglary. When officers arrived at her apartment, police say she threatened them with a knife.

    Lyles' family has questioned why police didn't use non-deadly force like a Taser. (Neither officer who shot her carried one.) In response, the Seattle City Council has scheduled a hearing tonight for members of the public to comment on the death and the ongoing police investigation. But that hearing will not include anyone from the Seattle Police Department, including Chief Kathleen O'Toole.

    Taylor, whose brother was shot and killed by Seattle police last year, says if SPD doesn't show up, neither will Lyles' family.

    "We asked for a public meeting for [a] chance to talk directly in public to Chief O'Toole," Taylor wrote in a Facebook post last night. "And this public hearing falls short. We will not be participating."

    Taylor told The Stranger he has talked to Lyles' family. While he does not expect any members of the family to attend the hearing, the family is large and some members have traveled from California, he said.

    Tonight's public hearing is scheduled for 6 pm in the University of Washington's Kane Hall. You can watch a live stream of the meeting here. Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant said yesterday O'Toole should be at the hearing to "directly answer" questions from the family. Council Member Lorena González, who chairs the council's public safety committee, argued the meeting should not "be a public deposition of elected leaders and our chief of police."

    Read Taylor's full statement below:

    My job is to protect the family of Charleena Lyles, from any hint of being politicized.

    We asked for a public meeting for an chance to talk directly in public to Chief O'Toole. And this public hearing falls short. We will not be participating. We asked specifically for a meeting space where the police chief and her officers would address questions. And this public hearing, which is being described as being for Charleena is not what we asked for! We wanted the Police Chief and her officers to answer questions about the murder of Charleena. And today we learned that law enforcement will not be there to answer those questions. We appreciate City Council but question the value of this and who it is really about. It is not unreasonable to request the opportunity to talk to the police and Chief in a public forum. So, we will not support this event because it's not about Charleena and the other families of police violence. We need substantive honest conversation, not just another hearing on a topic we have grown too familiar with.

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    by Steven Hsieh

    A distant view of your state legislators shitting all over the spirit of transparency.
    A distant view of your state legislators shitting all over the spirit of transparency.Getty

    Legislators Have Until Next Friday to Pass a Budget: Or parts of the state government will shut down. At the same time they need to find funding for education to meet standards set by the McCleary decision. Meanwhile, Joseph O'Sullivan reports, legislators have been doing all the negotiating behind closed doors, leaving the public in the dark.

    What Does a Government Shutdown Mean For You? State parks will close. More than 32,000 state workers could be temporarily laid off. More than 25,000 adults won't be able to receive housing services. 1.9 million Medicaid enrollees will be affected. State prisons won't accept new inmates. And new laws, including legislation that would speed up the testing of rape kits, could become void. Here's a comprehensive list from the state Office of Fiscal Management.

    We're Still Number One! Single-family home prices in Seattle rose an average of 12.9 percent since last April, higher than any metro area in the country. That's eight months on top. And prices are rising fast. As Mike Rosenberg of the Timesobserves, "At this pace, by next month, home values will be surging at their fastest rate since the bubble years before the recession."

    Fancy Ass Restaurant Stiffed Workers: The U.S. Department of Labor is ordering The Willows Inn to fork over $74,812 in unpaid overtime to kitchen staff, plus damages, totaling $149,624. The workers came to the James Beard-award winning restaurant as "stages," which is industry-speak for an internship. While still widespread in Europe, the "stage" is now coming under legal scrutiny in the U.S.

    Bona Fide Relationships: When the Supreme Court agreed to hear Trump's travel ban, upholding the policy until then, your high court justices carved out an exception for people with a "bona fide relationship" to someone or some institution in the United States. Ambiguity over what those three words mean could lead to more lawsuits. Who will definitely be hurt? Refugees.

    Ethnic Studies, Coming to a Seattle Public School Near You? The local NAACP passed a resolution in January asking public schools to ready up an ethnic studies curriculum by the fall. Now, the school board is considering its own resolution, though one with less teeth.

    There Will Be a Public Hearing Over Charleena Lyles' Death Tonight: But Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole does not plan to attend. So neither does Lyles' family, according to Andre Taylor, brother of Che Taylor.

    Man in Racist Puppet Costume Says He is Not Racist: "I never felt so misunderstood in my life,"wrote the puppeteer in a letter to Mudede this weekend. Also, the puppet's name is Poquita.

    Concerned About Pedestrian Safety in Seattle's Streets?There's an app for that.

    Wildfires in Middle Washington: The fire, started by lightning, has spread to four counties and triggered evacuations.

    Pot Shop Robbers: They only made off with $300 worth of goods.

    Trump Will Get a Disney World Robot, But it Might Not Say Anything: Trump's ego is involved. We'll be damned.

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    by Lester Black

    She’s here, she’s queer, and she’s an edibles pioneer.
    She’s here, she’s queer, and she’s an edibles pioneer.Lester Black

    Jody Hall does business like a Wild West settler: For two decades, she's been setting up shop not where the customers are but where the customers will be. She worked at Starbucks in the early 1990s, when most Americans couldn't pronounce "latte" and the chain had 30 stores. Then she created Cupcake Royale in 2003, before people could imagine spending $4 on a small cake.

    Cupcake Royale now has six locations and sells cakes to Metropolitan Market and Alaska Airlines. You know what happened to Starbucks.

    Now she's in the middle of Washington's weed industry, running her own edibles company called Goodship. She's betting that in a market where pot is getting cheaper every month, consumers will pay extra for her made-from-scratch confections.

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    by Heidi Groover

    Jessyn Farrell is a former state legislator from northeast Seattle.
    Jessyn Farrell is a former state legislator from northeast Seattle.nate gowdy

    The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 21 has endorsed Jessyn Farrell for mayor, citing her work on last year's statewide minimum wage campaign and legislation to provide on-the-job protections for pregnant people.

    UFCW 21 says it is the state's largest private-sector union and represents more than 44,000 grocery, retail, health care, and meat processing workers.

    "My fellow members and I want a mayor who not only shares our values, but also knows how to turn those values into policy," Jeanette Randall, a Safeway worker and member of the union's executive board, said in a statement today.

    UFCW 21's endorsement comes after a string of legislative district Democratic groups endorsed in the race, with Farrell and State Senator Bob Hasegawa winning most of those endorsements.

    In 2009 and 2013, UFCW 21 supported former mayor Mike McGinn, who this year is running again.

    "While we stand behind those past decisions, we believe that Farrell’s strengths all combined together outshine any of the other candidates in the race," the union said in a press release. "She is unquestionably the right choice for the progressive future that UFCW 21 members who live and work in Seattle need."

    Earlier this year, UFCW 21 endorsed incumbent Ed Murray, who dropped his bid for re-election in May amid allegations of sexual abuse. After those allegations surfaced, UFCW 21 and every other union on Murray's endorsement list stuck with the mayor.

    Most other unions have so far held off on endorsing a new candidate in this year's crowded field. The Seattle Education Association has endorsed Nikkita Oliver and Bob Hasegawa.

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    by Eli Sanders

    Elizabeth Warren
    Elizabeth WarrenAstrid Riecken / Getty Images

    While Republicans keep on struggling to repeal Obamacare, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has decided it's time to move beyond the stale fight over our current system and get a newer, better system: single payer.

    If you haven't been tracking Warren's statements closely, you might be surprised to learn that she's never said this before.

    Warren’s comments represent a shift to her position on the U.S. health care system. In March, she said her support for switching to single-payer ― in which the government handles coverage of health care costs, rather than insurance companies ― would depend on whether Democrats could find Republican lawmakers willing to help fix the Affordable Care Act passed under Obama.

    Obviously, that's not happening. So it appears that Warren is moving on, as many in the Democratic base have already done. Warren-Franken 2020?

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    by Drs. John M. Roll and Dennis M. Donovan

    As of I-502, Washington has legalized marijuana but support for research should continue.
    As of I-502, Washington has legalized marijuana but support for research should continue.cyano66/Getty

    A note from Dr. John M. Roll, WSU Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Research, and Dr. Dennis M. Donovan, Director UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute.

    Washington State is well known for its discoveries and innovations. Jet airplanes, kidney dialysis machines, software, and innovations in retail services are just a few of the ways our state’s inventors and entrepreneurs have made their mark. Both the University of Washington and Washington State University are critical players in scientific breakthroughs and life changing innovations, from increasing fundamental understanding of how our cells function, to developing new technologies for targeting and delivery of life-saving drugs; from identifying genes to help crops thrive in changing climate conditions, to creating green biofuels to fly those jet airplanes.

    As the legislature negotiates the state budget before the end of the state’s fiscal year on June 30, there are the usual pressures in how best to bring agreement between the varying proposed operating, capital, and transportation budgets. As the state’s two public research universities, both the University of Washington and Washington State University depend on state funding for our primary missions of providing quality education and impactful research. The UW and WSU also provide an important service in support of key elements of I-502, the initiative that legalized marijuana. As the state works to reconcile the different budget proposals, we hope the state continues to fund and support needed public health related research to expand the understanding of cannabis’ impact and inform public policy moving forward.

    Cannabis—a legal recreational drug regulated by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board—is in need of research from both the UW and WSU. The growth of the cannabis industry has exceeded expectations since the passage of I-502 and actions by the legislature to make marijuana a legal drug. The state of Washington anticipates raising approximately $730 million from sales of legalized marijuana over the next two years. According to the state Office of Financial Management, more than 60 percent of these dollars are slated to go toward public health programs, including Medicaid, substance abuse prevention efforts, and community health centers. Marijuana revenues are projected to grow by another $75 million over the next two years.

    Data helps assess the potential for the cannabis industry being a significant revenue generator and growth industry. The Denver Post reported last May that revenues from the legal sale of marijuana are helping communities in that state address homelessness, send children to college, patch potholes, secure water rights, and fund an array of projects. In the first three months of 2016, Colorado marijuana retailers sold more than $270 million in cannabis and related products, according to the figures from the Colorado Department of Revenue. With additional states legalizing both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, the industry, and in our state’s case, revenue to support health care and health related research, suggests that this could be a business on the rise across this country.

    This is an important funding reality for a state that grapples with meeting the many needs of this state. Initiative 502 was supported by a solid majority of the voting citizens across the state. The legislature worked with marijuana stakeholders and created new law based on the promise and premise of the Initiative. That included supporting research that would help guide the legal use of marijuana while assessing and addressing the personal and social risks that may occur with the drug. As the industry grows, the need for this research also grows.

    Revenue from legalizing marijuana is currently being distributed to support an array of needed public health services as well as contributing to the state’s general fund. Indeed, the citizens and legislature of our state have embraced the choice that it is advantageous to bring marijuana above ground to license it, tax it and regulate its sale and use, while ensuring that the dollars raised will support public health programs and research by our state’s two research universities.

    WSU and UW are both actively researching the use of marijuana and how best to provide community education on the topic. The two universities are actively collaborating with state agencies and cannabis stakeholders in research related to addiction and drug treatment. The UW is doing research to help with the prevention and treatment of abuse, marijuana’s effect on the brain and what triggers marijuana use that leads to problems. WSU is developing a field-based procedure with an accurate breathalyzer for the detection of acute exposure to marijuana in various settings, including its effect on driving.

    Initiative 502 envisioned the growth of the state’s cannabis industry. Our state can become a leader in the cannabis industry—particularly in evaluating its possible risks and benefits in human health. Leadership, industry success, and ongoing research will generate new state and local tax revenue for education, health care and substance abuse prevention while improving knowledge about cannabis in general.

    Both research universities are grateful to the state for the funding of research it is already conducting under the provisions of state law and distribution of marijuana-generated revenue. The UW and WSU look forward to continuing to work together in creating a regulatory climate that supports more extensive and multidisciplinary research.

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    by Eli Sanders

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: Sending Senators home for the July 4th recess with a stalled plan to cut 22 million Americans healthcare in their hands.
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: sending Senators home for the July 4th recess holding a stalled plan to cut 22 million Americans' healthcare.CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY IMAGES

    Turns out the Senate Republicans' healthcare plan is super unpopular among Senate Republicans, too:

    Facing intransigent Republican opposition, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, has told senators he will delay a vote on his legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, dealing President Trump an embarrassing setback on a key part of his agenda.

    Who could ever have known healthcare would be so complicated? How could anyone have though it would be so difficult and politically damaging to try to take health coverage away from 22 million Americans? And who could possibly have predicted that, while trying to undo yet another Obama achievement, President Donald Trump would employ bullying tactics that even his Republican allies would call "beyond stupid" and "so dumb it's amazing"?

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    by Leilani Polk

    Love, peace and lots of colors were on full display at this years Seattle Pride Parade.
    Love, peace and lots of colors were on full display at this year's Seattle Pride Parade.Nate Gowdy

    Despite temperatures reaching past 90 degrees, people turned out in droves to watch and march in the 43rd annual Seattle Pride Parade, which happened this past Saturday, June 24. Nate Gowdy was on the ground snapping photos through the afternoon; check out some more of his wonderfully vibrant shots in the below Flickr slideshow.

    Seattle Pride Parade 2017 Photos by Nate Gowdy

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  • 06/27/17--13:07: John Oliver on Vaccines
  • by Dan Savage

    Posted here to entertain/bait our area's anti-vaxxer idiots—dangerous idiots, but idiots nonetheless. In case you missed it on Sunday.

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    by Ana Sofia Knauf

    When some Madrona K-8 School first-, second-, and third-graders walked in their classrooms in Edmonds on Monday, they were greeted with an unwelcome message scrawled on rooftop skylights: "Fuck [N-word]s."

    Other graffiti tags were found on new sidewalks at the school, Principal Lynda Fischer wrote in an e-mail to parents on Monday night. The messages are believed to have been written over the weekend, she said.

    "As soon as we saw that the skylights were tagged and it was visible to students we moved student from the classroom until the police report was taken and skylights were cleaned," she said. "We want to emphasize that we take this seriously and want to identify the individual or individuals responsible for this latest incident."

    In a statement, representatives from the Edmonds Police Department said some of the graffiti included “political disdain, sexual references and other vulgarity.” Chief of Police Al Compaan called the vandalism “reprehensible” and said he is working with the City of Edmonds’ Diversity Commission.

    Fischer noted this was the second graffiti incident at Madrona K-8 this school year. In November, the MyEdmonds News blog reported that "a racial slur and profanity were found on a wall in the school bathroom."

    Have you seen any bias-based messages in your neighborhood? Report them here.

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    by Dan Savage


    I'm a newly single mom, I'm 40, I'm at my sexual peak and I want a partner, a long-term life partner. How on earth do I date? More particularly, how do I meet people with a stroller in hand and/or tell people I've got an amazing three-year-old kid I'm committed to raising (well). No one looks at a mom and thinks flirt with her. As for online dating, I don't want to attract predators, I'm concerned for my daughter's wellbeing. I also want to be transparent without men running for the hills. I have no idea how this is done in person or online. A kiddo shouldn't be the end of my sex and romantic life, help needed. Your insights please.

    Mother Open2 Men

    People ask this question a lot—how do I find someone—but phrase it in all sorts of different ways. How do I get laid? Where have all the good men gone? How do I find someone to love? In your case, MOM, there's an added little twist that happens to be a living thing that poops and cries and takes up a lot of your energy/focus/love right now and will one day break your heart.

    I do have some advice for you. But first, some of my standard-issue advice...

    To LSBG:

    Finding the right man to fit your wants/needs/desires/fantasies is hard. People have been crying over this love stuff for thousands of years—and keeping my ass in business for tens—so you're not the only person on Earth who feels this way. Hell, you're not the only person on your block who feels this way. The trick is not to get bitter. And the easiest way to avoid bitterness, LSBG, is by getting out there doing shit. Right now, today, without a man. Keep meeting up with guys from apps for quick coffee dates, of course, but get out there and do shit you enjoy without the goal of meeting the "right" guy every time you leave the house. Because if the stars all align, LSBG, you could find yourself in the right-guy-place at the right-guy-time.

    In other words, stop waiting for a guy to come along and make you more extroverted by insemination. Leave the house—get artificially extroverted—on your own.


    Get out of the house. Go places, do things—as much as your disability and budget allow. Even if the things you want to do are unlikely to put you in front of many/any women, do those things. You're likelier to meet someone if you're out of the house and moving through the world.

    Replace "disability" with "kid" and "women" with "men" and the above advice goes for you, too, MOM. Get out there and do shit, as best you can. Go places and do shit with your kid. Hire babysitters and go places and do shit without your kid. Get online go virtual places and do virtual shit. Let friends and family help.

    And, yes, there are predators online—just as there are predators IRL, but there are also plenty of decent men out there who want to date and fuck and might be open to dating and fucking you. It's your job to weed out the creepy and/or lecherous and/or predatory, just as you did back when you were single and childless. Use your bullshit detectors, trust your gut, don't ignore red flags, etc. Don't let the feat of predators prevent you from getting online, downloading a dating app or three, and setting up profiles that are honest about your dating goals and your parenting status.

    And remember: there are single dads out there—online and off—who want sex and romance too, MOM, and who understand the challenges you face because they share them. Good luck.

    HUMP! 2017 Call for Submissions!

    Listen to my podcast, the Savage Lovecast, at

    Impeach the motherfucker already! Get your ITMFA buttons, t-shirts, hats and lapel pins and coffee mugs at!

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    Unusual and quirky events for June 27-July 2 you might not have known about otherwise. by Stranger Things To Do Staff Our arts critics have already recommended 38 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 27 best concerts, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—including a "CSI Universe" astronomy talk, the Wooden Boat Festival, Hot Tramp, I Love You So (the opening party for the new MoPOP exhibit Bowie by Mick Rock), and Terracotta Warriors After Hours. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

    Jump to: Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

    recommendedGet all this and more on the free Stranger Things To Do mobile app—available now on the App Store and Google Play.recommended



    smARTfilms: New World Cinema Sampler
    On Tuesdays in June, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art has shown notable films in contemporary and recent-ish cinema. The last one will be the sad Argentinian comedy Truman (2015), in which a man asks his best friend for help planning his own funeral and finding a new home for his dog.


    Clarion West presents Kij Johnson
    At this event, award-laden fantasy author and professor Kij Johnson (Fox Magic, Spar, and The Man Who Bridged the Mist) will share some of her favorite new work and answer questions about process, teaching, and more.

    Doug Mack
    Doug Mack will share stories and history from American territories, from Samoa to Puerto Rico, while discussing his new book: Not-Quite States of America: Dispatches from the Territories and Other Far-Flung Outposts of the USA. Get this author's perspective on these lands and the people who live them—about four million of them.

    Pint-Sized Science: Pollution in Puget Sound
    Our Puget Sound is gorgeous and vital, but it also falls victim all the time to contamination from wastewater. Three professionals or former professionals from state, national, and university environmental departments—Dr. Tracy Collier (formerly of the NOAA), Sandra O’Neill (WA Department of Fish and Wildlife), and Dr. Andy James, (UW-Tacoma Center for Urban Waters).



    Masters of Disguise III: Masks of the Pacific Northwest & Alaska
    This iteration of Masters of Disguise will once again examine masks and their specific cultural, social, and economic place in Pacific Northwest and Alaska, featuring works by a variety of artists in media including glass, wood, stone, hide, fiber, metal, and ceramic.
    Closes June 30.


    Tom Hanks Week
    Are you a sucker for the boyish looks and chummy gravitas of Tom Hanks? Get your fill of the perennial star with games, screenings, trivia, and the Wheel of Hanks, which you can spin for drink and food deals as well as prizes. Each day from June 25-30 will follow the theme of a particular Hanks movie, so you can refresh your memory before Tom Hanks Trivia at 7 on Friday.



    The Legend of Georgia McBride
    The Legend of Georgia McBride opens on Casey (Adam Standley) trying and failing to make it big as an Elvis impersonator, and struggling to provide for his wife Jo (Nastacia Guimont). We’re treated to a glimpse of their private lives, but as is often the case, things don’t really start getting interesting until the drag queens show up. Tracy Mills, played by Timothy McCuen Piggee in full face and drag, and Anorexia Nervosa, or Rexy for short (Charles Smith), come in to shake up the show at the club where Casey has been performing as Elvis, and end up costing Casey his gig. After a series of unfortunate, vodka-fueled mishaps, Casey, who has never dressed as a woman before, is stuck covering for Rexy. The Legend of Georgia McBride flirts with a few underlying questions—who gets to be a part of the drag community? Is drag something you do, or something you are?—but ultimately, it’s less interested in exploring those questions than it is joking about shoe size, tucking, and nailing that Lady Gaga dance number. ANTHONY DERRICK


    The Construction Zone is a month-long workshop where audiences have the chance to see new work by contemporary playwrights—and get a preview of what's coming up next at ACT, because ACT chooses one play from the series to feature in their next season. The 2016 edition of The Construction Zone featured four new plays, and the winner was Theresa Rebeck's Downstairs, a dysfunctional family play about a brother who refuses to move from his sister's basement. At almost the same time Downstairs is being featured on the main stage at ACT, it will also be performed (with a celebrity cast) at Vermont's Dorset Theatre Festival.
    There is no show on Wednesday.



    Bloodlust with Blank Eyes and Dee Jay Jack
    Pony's Bloodlust night focuses on the darker and sexier end of the spectrum, with goth, industrial, and new wave reigning supreme. For this iteration they've recruited resident Rent Control selector Blank Eyes for a DJ set of extra-special electronic deathwave drama.

    Halloween thrills are not just for chilly weather. Head to Mercury for spooky industrial/goth tunes by DJs Jades, Morgue Anne, and Mikey Shadow. Wear something dumb and half-assed to compete in their "Lazy Costume Contest."

    Kylmyys, Surrealized, Bad Beaches, God and Vanilla
    Synth duo Kylmyys is an ambient act that utilizes both electronic and acoustic tools as they swing between trip-hop and IDM influences. They'll be joined by Surrealized, Bad Beaches, and God and Vanilla.

    Sub Pop in the Great Hall
    The indie label that shepherded the sounds of Nirvana, Mudhoney, Fleet Foxes, Shabazz Palaces, and Sleater-Kinney into our speakers, and that runs the coolest shop in the SeaTac Airport by far, will help send off Town Hall as it closes for renovations. At this concert, hear new talent (still to be announced) from the label.


    Jammin' for Justice with Bob Hasegawa for Mayor of Seattle
    Bob Hasegawa's mayoral campaign will welcome supporters at a party for "community leaders," with karaoke downstairs after the main event.

    Life Hacks for the Modern Woman Happy Hour
    At this happy hour, local companies (including Buki, Genneve, Teadora, TomboyX, and Tousled) will show off products that promise to "make your lives easier" and were also developed "with a woman-first mindset."

    Seattle Needs to Commit to #EthnicStudiesNow
    Activists in favor of ethnic studies—of which the Seattle School Board declared itself in favor—will demand advancement in this matter at a rally before the public testimony begins at 5:30.


    Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest
    The documentary Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest explores the threats to the last great inland temperate rainforest and its denizens, including the endangered caribou. Learn about how oil extraction menaces these creatures and their habitat. Stay afterwards for Q&A with the filmmakers, a raffle, and talks from local conservationists.


    Fremont/Perennial Barrel Aged Unicorn Tears Bottle Release
    Join Fremont Brewing, Perennial Artisan Ales and Chuck's Hop Shop to celebrate the release of the new Barrel Aged Unicorn Tears Cherry Imperial Stout. Chuck's will be loading its draft up with beers from both Fremont and Perennial to showcase and highlight their offerings, and bottles will be available for purchase.


    An Evening with Bill Bradley & Dan Evans
    Former New Jersey Democratic senator Bill Bradley and former Republican Washington State governor Dan Evans will give a bipartisan, pro-environment talk highlighting science and successes. Bradley may speak in particular on his role in removing the Elwha Dams and restoring river habitats. Come for a formal presentation and Q&A sponsored by NatureBridge.

    CSI: Universe
    Astronomy on Tap events strive to be "accessible and engaging," and typically include non-boring science presentations on topics ranging from the beginning of the universe as we know it to black holes. This month, Brett Morris (UW PhD candidate) will give a talk entitled "The Weirdest Star Gets Weirder," and astrophysicist Dr. Melissa Graham will speak on supernovae in "CSI: Universe."


    Pride Postcard Writing Party
    This postcard-writing party is not a protest event, but rather a chance for LGBTQ people and allies to thank the Social Justice Fund NW and its sponsored advocacy organizations. They'll provide postcards.


    Stripperoo: Two Nights of Seattle Burlesque Tribute Acts
    Burlesque performers will step out of their comfort zone and honor their favorite performers at this tribute show presented by IvaFiero Productions in association with Theatre Off Jackson.



    Ice Cream
    Take your sweetheart to the soda shop, readjust your gingham skirt, and apply some festive lipstick—you're about to enter an atmospheric "doo-wop ice cream shop" created by the performers at Can Can. They promise a glittery production inspired by summer favorites including Grease and Beach Party



    Coast Salish Art of Central Puget Sound: Lecture Series
    Lydia Sigo (curator and archivist of the Suquamish Museum) will examine "historical utilitarian art from tribes around the Puget Sound area," and the three lectures in the series will focus on stone, textile weaving, and carving/woodworking. Online tickets are no longer available, but there may be some on standby.

    Terracotta Warriors After Hours
    Head to the Pacific Science Center for an after-hours, 21+-only special viewing of the Terracotta Warriors, celebrating the Qin Dynasty’s Guards for Eternity. Enjoy a signature cocktail, play some traditional Chinese games and listen to traditional Chinese music. The ticket includes after-hours access to the exhibit and your first drink. Food will be available for purchase.


    Couth Buzzard Comedy Show
    See all-ages comedy by Henry Russell Stoddard, Eden Nault, Genevieve Ferarri, Claire Webber, Abraham Tadessee, and Evelyn Jensen, plus host Maddy Gauger.


    ACLU Know Your Rights Workshop/Conozca sus Derechos
    Find out what to do if immigration authorities question or detain you and learn about your and your neighbors' legal rights. Come before the workshop with an immigration attorney, which starts at 7, for a potluck dinner. They say: "Spanish interpretation and free childcare are available. Conozca qué hacer si la Migra le detuviera a usted. Todos bienvenidos."

    Transit Rider Celebration
    This is a party to wrap up Ride Transit Month, which encourages use of public transport and . Drink with urbanists and collective transit enthusiasts and watch the Commute Competition winners receive prizes.


    Enby Meetup
    Meet up with fellow non-binary friends from the Enby Collective for coffee and coloring books.


    David Gessner: Ultimate Glory—Frisbee, Obsession, and My Wild Youth
    Author, editor, and cartoonist David Gessner will speak about his love for a very Seattle sport, Ultimate Frisbee, while sharing his new book: Ultimate Glory: Frisbee, Obsession, and My Wild Youth.

    Death Rattle Hum
    The Death Rattle Writers Festival is sending poet emissaries from Idaho to read at Vermillion, along with eminent local writer Quenton Baker. Their goal: To engage "literary communities" across state lines.

    Writers on the Fly
    Apparently there's a whole literary subgenre of flyfishing stories, poems, and nonfiction: Greg Fitz, Paul Moinester, Copi Vojta, and Jason Rolfe are some of its adepts, and they'll be at Filson for readings and an audience Q&A. Plus, there will be other opportunities to learn more about fishing and fish: the nonprofit Our Sound Our Salmon will talk about their advocacy, and you can check out Flyfish Journal, sip free wine, beer, and cider, and huddle by the fire.


    Grateful Dead: Europe '72 with Andy Coe, Keith Lowe, Guests
    Musicians from The Golden Road, including Andy Coe, Colin Higgins, Keith Lowe, Wayne Horvitz, Paul Moore, and Eric Eagle, will recreate the Grateful Dead experience of their live album Europe '72.

    Witch Bottle, Isenordal, Miss Spooky
    Witch Bottle concoct some modern-day witchery with touches of folklore and feral fantasies in each of their songs. They'll be joined in this coven meet-up by Isenordal and Miss Spooky.


    Vino & Vinyasa
    Stretch out your body for an hour at a vinyasa class and stay on for three wine tastings. Bring a mat and money for purchasing fancy snacks.



    Untitled Kondabolu Brothers
    Of Hari Kondabolu, our Sean Nelson wrote: "You could make the case that his asides, self-edits, and ad-libs are as funny as the individual finished bits. Though the finished work is, all in all, a whole other level of funny." Now see him with his brother Ashok as they "get into heated conversations about gentrification" or "discuss the news of the day on a poorly constructed powerpoint." Get to know the brothers in hilarious detail.



    Laughs Comedy Club Laugh-Off
    After weathering several elimination rounds, the top five comedians from the Laughs Comedy Laugh-Off will compete Thursday and this weekend, and the winner will take home $1,000 in cash.

    Twisted Flicks
    Improvisers re-dub cheesy movies according to audience suggestions. This month's B-movie is Warlords of Atlantis (1978), in which a professor and his son take a crew to find the treasures of the lost continent.


    Quickies 17: Lost and Found
    If you like your theater short, fast, and feminist, check out this night of seven curious plays by women playwrights and encounter characters like "a charismatic cooking show host, a troubled ghost hunter, a sensual chair thief and a pair of exhausted mountaineers."



    Backstreet Bazaar
    The energetic Hillman City Collaboratory will throw a little street festival, featuring live music, food, and local artists.

    Hot Tramp, I Love You So
    This cathartic party will open the new exhibit Bowie by Mick Rock, which will assemble 65 prints by the beloved alien's personal photographer. Meet Rock and ask him your questions during the Q&A, watch the documentary about him (SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock), dance to music by "All Era Scum Pop" Great Spiders, get a spacey new look at the Bowie Salon, witness a fashion walk-off, and more.


    Andy Miller's Sweethearts of Comedy
    Stand-up comic Andy Miller will share the stage with his favorite funny darlings. Laugh for free and drink (not for free, but the brews are nicely priced).

    Always Be Kind Rewind
    Always Be Clothing's sketches revisit the most iconic scenes in movies and give them odd twists.


    Beer Camp on Tour Seattle
    Hop on over to Gas Works Park, where Beer Camp on Tour will be offering what they promise is a lineup of hundreds of craft brewers from across the country, plus live music and food truck fare.


    Baby Gramps with Hot Damn Scandal
    Lifelong ragtime legend and king of bizarro backcountry humor Baby Gramps sheds year after year of folky blues experience on stage with his National Steel guitar, and a little help from opener Hot Damn Scandal.

    An Evening with Shafty
    If you were one of the proud and the few who truly loved the music of Phish, then this concert with Phish tribute group SHAFTY is perfect for you.

    Famous Fridays: Missy Elliott & Friends
    Famous Fridays lays out a night of tribute to a different artist each month. For the month of June, it'll be a DJ block of Missy Elliott's biggest hits and best side cuts, with features from her peers.

    The Future Is Still Female
    Put your voice where your feminist optimism is at this sing-along with Shenandoah Davis, and order yourself a cocktail.

    Lush Sounds
    Local DJs will fill the priceless Volunteer Park Conservatory with florid tunes. Have a beer or wine and chill out among the flowers. 21+ only.

    No Gasoline Concert with Industrial Revelation & Bad Luck
    In what will surely be the first ever "No Gasoline" concert, Stranger geniuses Industrial Revelation, Bad Luck, and Laurie Goldston will team up to perform as a political act against our petroleum-obsessed world, along with projections from video artist Kevin Blanquies. Event performers will be transported to Lo-Fi by electric car, and everyone attending is encouraged to arrive by electric car, bus, bike, or on foot.

    Plunge Music Festival
    Monster-rock musicians Hobosexual, "rough-around-the-edges roadhouse pop" Star Anna, the High Children, and MisterMaster will all play to support global clean water access.

    TRL Total Request Live Night: Summer Lovin' Edition
    Seattle's "only tribute boy band" #ALL4DORAS will perform, and DJ Indica Jones will spin TRL tunes in the vein of this edition's theme: Summer Lovin'. There will also be a Top 10 countdown from audience votes, so make sure to pack your best rhinestoned bandana for whipping out the moves.


    Pride Scrimmage
    "Cheer for your favorite queer" at the Rat City Rollergirls' Pride tussle and take part in the "Show us your Pride" boutfit contest.


    Cherry Manhattan's Spring Class Debut Showcase
    The students of "Neo-Burlesque with Cherry Manhattan" will present what they've been working on for the past 10 weeks while debuting 10 new burlesque acts at this showcase presented by Cherry Manhattan and Freehold Theatre Lab.

    Sweet Dreams
    Sing and dance along with '80s classics as members of the Devil's Advocates burlesque troupe and Teatro Zinzanni perform sexy numbers and cabaret acts, with a streak of that very special decade's fashion.



    An Improvised Hip Hopera
    An Improvised Hip Hopera is a show that claims to marry the best of improv comedy and freestyle rap to tell a hopefully funny narrative, typically featuring the greatest hits of a Joseph Campbell-style hero's journey. It's written on the spot thanks to audience suggestions, which positively keeps it from being the same show twice, but negatively leads to more opportunities to choke, as experienced by Stranger Film Editor Charles Mudede in 2014.


    Icicle Creek Chamber Music Festival
    The 23rd Annual Icicle Creek International Chamber Music Festival beckons, with three weekend-long sessions of musical experiences brought to you by beloved composers and world-class artists—like Oksana Ezohkina, the Avalon String Quartet, Harumi Rhodes, and the Volta Piano Trio—in an intimate woodland setting. This week's concerts include pieces by Elgar, Dutilleux, and Schubert on Friday and by Schubert, Lutoslawski, and Dvořák on Saturday.



    Artist Talk: Whiting Tennis
    Artist Whiting Tennis will visit to talk about line, form, and his works that "let loose his primal creative force, resisting the urge to impose conventional shape."

    Figure Drawing and Painting: Nude Long Pose with Adam Mikkelsen
    For the first time this year, the Conservatory will welcome naked people for you to sketch for three hours. There will be beer and wine to buy if your artistic style needs a little juicin'.


    The Blue Show
    Improvisers have been saving up their dirtiest material for The Blue Show, an emphatically adults-only improv comedy night that happens just once a month—and that has attracted celebrity guests Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

    Canada Day with Andy Haynes
    LA-based, PNW-raised Andy Haynes will headline a comedy show at Scratch. Haynes, who has appeared on Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival, will have ample support from Wilfred Padua and Gavin Matts for Canada Day.

    Sage and Kyle
    Two super-young improv players fresh out of high school will put on a show at the Pocket.


    9th Annual Edible Garden Tour
    Walk or bike through Ballard and discover how communities and individuals raise urban fruits and vegetables. Gardeners will be on hand to answer your questions.

    The Dapper Dog Pub Crawl
    Take your dog dandies on a jaunt around Fremont and compete in a dog/human costume contest. You don't even need to have a dog to enjoy the canine company and beer.

    Family Saturday: Tanabata Festival
    Celebrate a Japanese folk holiday that commemorates the legend of "star-crossed lovers" who may only see each other every July 7th. Write a poem or a wish to tie onto the bamboo tree, take an origami lesson, and marvel at Seibu-Ryu Iai Battojutsu's sword dancing demonstration.

    First Caturday
    Put your kitty on a harness and take the precious creature out to play at this cat-centric gathering. Obviously, don't bring cats that are prone to terror of other cats or murder of everything in sight. Last time apparently worked out just fine.

    Turn Down Service: Staycation Sex
    Skip pre-Fourth of July weekend traffic and explore not-so-distant regions with your partner. Babeland will have some sex tips for you, along with bubbly drinks for those 21+ and a chance to win a body massage candle.


    Seattle Outdoor Cinema
    The Seattle Outdoor Cinema (formerly Fremont Outdoor Movies) is celebrating its 25th season with a permanent venue upgrade to the South Lake Union Discovery Center. All screenings are 21+, there will be a beer garden (proceeds from which will benefit various rotating non-profits), and other pre-screening entertainment. Tickets are $5 for a single ticket, $10 for guaranteed seating in the center row, $25 for an individual season pass, and $35 for a two-person season pass. The lineup ranges from comedies to romance to quasi-horror movies; July 1's film is Edgar Wright's droll zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead.


    8th Annual Salsa On Alki Beach
    Learn to swing your hips to the sexiest music genre on Alki Beach (courtesy of the musicians of Cambalache), then jump into the open dance with live music. Pay $15 for the dance only at 6, or three bucks more for the lesson at 5.

    Brit Floyd
    The self-proclaimed world's finest Pink Floyd cover act, Brit Floyd, comes back to Seattle to prove their '70s psych-rock worth in their Immersion World Tour 2017.

    Day Break
    Is your weekend in any danger of lacking chill? Nectar will supply the "island reggae," DJ, food truck, and good vibes at this canna-themed day party.

    EPIC with Ramiro
    Indefatigable house scene DJ Ramiro is at the helm of this month's EPIC, which gives a single DJ control of the dance floor for an entire night. Visuals for this iteration of EPIC are by Pixelflip, graphic design is by Hanssen, and stage design by Celeste Cooning. Enjoy all four hours because this is the very first time EPIC will be held at Nightjar in Pioneer Square.

    Idiots Rule, Urban Achievers
    Enjoy a night of covers thanks to Idiots Rule, a Jane's Addiction tribute group, and Urban Achievers, playing an homage to Led Zeppelin.

    The Return of One Cover
    Witness local talents take on one cover song apiece, with live work from ZNi, Select Level, Fabulous Downey Brothers, Killer Workout, Future Shock, Trick Candles, Raven Matthews, and Tiny Plastic Stars.

    Seattle: Bollywood Redefined with DJ Lemon
    DJ Lemon will journey to Seattle all the way from India to host a night of music that will redefine the concept of Bollywood for your ears.

    Squall — Noise Happy Hour
    Sink into your weekend with cocktails set to a backdrop of noise, industrial, and drone music in the sonic dungeons of Timbre Room, with live music by Entrail and BTEP The Persistent, and selections by Squall resident DJ Maire.

    Stripped Underwear Party with DJ Dana Dub
    Shake and shimmy to DJ Dana Dub in your best panties at the Eagle with sexy gogo galore. There will be a clothes check, so go as ham as you want.

    TYPONEXUS Globalist Series: Lubomyr Melnyk
    Ukrainian composer/pianist Lubomyr Melnyk can transport you out of your workaday doldrums with just the unparalleled swiftness of his fingers touching ivories. With monomaniacal focus, he turns the piano into a font of refulgent cascades and crystalline clusters of momentous beauty. Wikipedia tells us that Melnyk is the world’s fastest pianist, plinking 19.5 notes per second with each hand, but he also possesses endurance: He holds the record for most notes played in one hour—93,650. The thing is, they’re exceptional notes, some of the best notes your ears will ever receive. Melnyk will be performing amid works by an international array of visual artists in a new series curated by drone musician/artist Garek Jon Druss. Expect an evening of sublime sensory overload. DAVE SEGAL


    July Jacobin Reading Group
    Discuss the newest issue of the left-wing Jacobin magazine—which this time features articles on evangelicals and the "Pink Tide" of leftist governments in South America. This club is hosted by the Democratic Socialists.


    Mexico vs. Paraguay
    See the national soccer teams of Mexico and Paraguay prepare for the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which will begin on July 7.

    Seattle Ultimate Wine Run
    This 5k fun run promises plenty of frivolity as well as exercise—plus, you have the option of following your exertion with a fancy wine tasting.



    Red, White & Zoo
    In advance of the patriotic holiday, zoo animals will get to enjoy treats like star-shaped popsicles, corn cobs, or melons. Watch the creatures (gorillas, orangutans, lemurs, pigs, and more) snuffle through their "enrichment" goodies.


    Shining Our Light: Queer and Trans Muslim Showcase and Fundraiser
    Gay City will display art, writing, and performance by queer and trans Muslim people (or queers who previously self-identified as Muslim)) to highlight the thoughts and creations of this little-mediated community. The donations at the entry will help send the artists to a summit for LGBTQ Muslims.


    Wooden Boat Festival
    For three days, celebrate all things wooden boats—from toy vessels to huge historic ones—with a boat race, model construction, boat restoration, food, music, and more.



    Black Eyed Blonde: An Improvised Film Noir
    Unexpected Productions has a tagline worthy of the most hard-boiled B-studio trailer: "Murder Isn't Always Premeditated...Sometimes It's Improvised!" Your suggestions will shape this pulpy tale of double-crossers, cold-hearted dames, and two-bit crooks.

    Loudmouth Cunts
    The female-identifying comedians of Loudmouth Cunts will conquer the comedy stage with rude hilarity. This time, Hope Linden will host an evening with headliner Carmen Morales plus Elizabeth Teets, Sarah Everett, Sally Jordan, and Vanessa Dawn.


    All AC/DC, All Day Benefit Show
    As a benefit show for a favorite local regular, nine Seattle bands will play covers of AC/DC classics all afternoon long, with a raffle for rare and collectible records.

    Wooky July Residency with Guests
    Wooky describes their music as "Psychedelic Rock that came from your papa's tool shed, whilst living near the beach, before he met your mom," and they'll showcase such vibes at their month-long residency every Sunday night of July at the High Dive. They'll be joined by different musical guests each week.


    Are you a lady and/or queer person who'd like to spin some hot cuts? Get an introduction to DJing with TIffany Wan of TUF, Andy Iwancio, Kash Honey, and Chloe Harris/Raica. The goal of the workshop: To begin righting the gender and straight/queer inequality of the scene.

    July Metaphysical Market
    Reiki practitioners, essential oils purveyors, and energy readers will be eager to enrich your metaphysical life at this monthly parapsychological gathering. At 1 pm, attend the Sacred Flames Reiki class (for $100). At 4 pm respectively, head to the Men's Green Tent and the Women's Red Tent.


    Impeachment March
    This self-styled "enormous Town Hall Meeting" will gather in Seattle Center and march to the Federal Building to demand Trump's impeachment.


    Stars and Garters
    W.S. and Company will present a burlesque tribute to Uncle Sam and his 50 United States, W.S. and Company will present a burlesque tribute to Uncle Sam and his 50 United States, raising your patriotic spirits and warming your libido in a difficult year.

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    by Stranger Things To Do Staff

    See real figures from the famous Qin Dynasty terracotta army (pictured here inside the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum) at Pacific Science Centers boozy after-hours viewing.
    See real figures from the famous Qin Dynasty terracotta army (pictured here inside the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum) at Pacific Science Center's boozy after-hours viewing.Efired /

    Our arts critics have already recommended 38 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 27 best concerts, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—including a "CSI Universe" astronomy talk, the Wooden Boat Festival, Hot Tramp, I Love You So (the opening party for the new MoPOP exhibit Bowie by Mick Rock), and Terracotta Warriors After Hours. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.


    smARTfilms: New World Cinema Sampler
    On Tuesdays in June, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art has shown notable films in contemporary and recent-ish cinema. The last one will be the sad Argentinian comedy Truman (2015), in which a man asks his best friend for help planning his own funeral and finding a new home for his dog.

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    by Heidi Groover

    Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has criticized Seattle Police Chief Kathleen OToole for declining to participate in a public hearing on the death of Charleena Lyles.
    Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has criticized Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole for declining to participate in a public hearing on the death of Charleena Lyles.nate gowdy

    Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole is not mincing her words in response to Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant's repeated demands that O'Toole publicly answer questions about the police killing of Charleena Lyles.

    "I write in short response to your earlier email, which reflects a disappointing level of ignorance of SPD policies and clear disdain for the investigatory process and review that SPD is court-mandated to follow," O'Toole wrote Sawant in an email reported by the Seattle Times today. "Facts matter and pre-judgment of this incident by any of us would be completely irresponsible."

    Since June 18, when two Seattle Police officers shot and killed Lyles at her apartment after they say she brandished a knife, Sawant has called for a public hearing during which the public can ask questions of O'Toole. Sawant is also calling for an independent third-party investigation of the killing, outside the SPD's normal internal investigation process.

    Sawant's colleague Council Member Lorena González, who chairs the council's public safety committee, scheduled a hearing for tonight but said the chief would not be attending. (An SPD spokesperson said no one representing the department would be participating in the hearing.) In response, a spokesperson for Lyles' family said some members would not participate because the hearing is "not what we asked for." It may not be every family member, however. Elisa Hahn of KING 5 reports that Lyles' father plans to attend.

    O'Toole's letter came in response to an email from Sawant to González urging González to "require" O'Toole's attendance at the hearing.

    In her response to Sawant, O'Toole said SPD representatives "have spent countless hours, each day, from early morning until late night, engaging with Charleena Lyles’ family, her neighbors, clergy, and other community members. Out of courtesy and respect for her family, we have done so quietly and privately."

    The department has publicly released video and audio from the scene as well as transcripts of interviews with the two officers involved.

    O'Toole wrote that she is willing to "participate in honest, constructive dialogue," but expressed skepticism about Sawant's motives.

    "If you had expressed any interest in our work over the past three years, as SPD was striving to develop the policies, training, and systems for critical review that have become a model for agencies around the nation," O'Toole wrote, "we would have gladly welcomed the invitation to engage."

    "I personally promise that SPD will honor our commitment to the family and community to provide transparency into this investigation and comprehensive review," O'Toole continued. "I will not, however, join in any process that threatens to exploit this terrible tragedy for another's personal or political gain."

    The hearing begins at 6 pm at the University of Washington's Kane Hall and will be live-streamed here.

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    by Charles Mudede


    A former Alaskan who will remain unnamed says she witnessed a racially-charged incident last night on Alaska Airlines Flight 78 (Juneau, Alaska to Seattle) at around 5:45 p.m. This is a summary of her account, which she provided over the phone:

    While the plane was taxiing on the runway, the pilot decided to return to the gate. At the gate, an Alaska Airlines employee, a white woman who works at Juneau International Airport, boarded the plane, and walked to back, where she was seated and began ordering a group of young black men and women, who were also seated in the back, to leave the plane. The employee's words according to the witness were, "One of you was rude and upset one of our staff. I want all of you, this whole group, to get off the plane now!"

    A woman in the group protested that the airline should simply remove the person that was causing trouble with, not the whole group. She was told that was not an option. The pilot did not want any of them on the flight. He and the staff did not feel safe with this group on board. Everyone had to get out. (The witness gathered that the group was coming from a processing plant.) All of this happened very quickly, and once they were gone, it was announced that the remaining passengers would get a $75 credit and a free glass of wine on the airlines' dime.

    She sent me the email from Alaska Airlines:

    AlaskaAir: We apologize for your experience today. Very soon, you'll receive an email with a $75 discount code off future travel. Reply STOP to cancel.

    I contacted Alaska Airline's about the incident. They confirmed that it did, indeed, happen, but not in the way the witness described. Here is their account:

    Shortly after pushback for Alaska Airlines flight 78 from Juneau to Seattle at 6 p.m. local time last night, the pilots decided to return to the gate due to disruptive behavior onboard. The aircraft was taxiing to the runway for takeoff at the time.

    Flight attendants reported to the pilots that a group of passengers was not following safety protocol for departure, which included:

    — Refusing to stop charging their cell phones (cords must be taken out of the seatback chargers prior to takeoff)
    — Refusing to fasten seatbelts
    — Refusing to bring their seats to the upright position
    — Playing loud music without headphones
    — Making inappropriate comments to the flight attendants

    Once the aircraft was back at the gate, 11 guests were asked to deplane. There were others who were part of the group who stayed onboard and continued to Seattle; only those who were being disruptive were asked to leave. Those 11 guests later boarded Alaska Airlines flight 66 for Seattle, which took off two hours later at 8:06 p.m. Many of the guests were making connections in Seattle; none of those connections were missed.

    It’s standard protocol to remove passengers if they’re behaving in a disruptive manner or not following crewmember instructions. To us, this is a safety issue–if a customer will not comply with crewmember requests on the ground, it’s not safe for us to allow them to fly until they demonstrate that they’re willing to follow basic safety instructions.

    Immediately after reading Alaska Airlines' account of the incident, the woman who witnessed it wrote:

    That's bullshit!!!! If one of the 11 said something inappropriate, I did not hear it. And I was sitting in the back with them. We were all within 4-5 rows of each other. They were being young. They were laughing and joking around with each other. I'm sure the old guys thought they were annoying but they just all seem stoked.

    I asked her if she thought the Alaska Airlines employee who boarded the plane had changed her story in the official statement—that it was not one person but the whole group that was the problem, and the former Alaskan said: "Yes, it's not what happened. She clearly said one multiple times. She never said it was the whole group."

    Right after ending our phone conversation, I ran across the local black artist Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes at the Red Apple on Beacon Hill, and because the whole business was on my mind, I described it to him. When Alley-Barnes heard that the young people "were laughing and joking around," he thought for a moment and replied: "You know, something people either don't understand or feel threatened by is black joy. It's commodified, of course; people make money of it. But when they actually see it, they think it's disruptive or something they have to punish."

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  • 06/28/17--04:00: Savage Love
  • My partner really wants an open relationship; I really don't. We compromised, and I agreed to a threesome. by Dan Savage

    I had a great time at the live taping of the Savage Lovecast at Chicago's Music Box Theatre. Audience members submitted questions on cards, and I tackled as many questions as I could over two hours—with the welcome and hilarious assistance of comedian Kristen Toomey. Here are some of the questions we didn't get to before they gave us the hook...

    If your partner's social media makes you uncomfortable—whether it's the overly friendly comments they get on their photos or vice versa (their overly friendly comments on other people's photos)—do you have the right to say something?

    You have the right to say something—the First Amendment applies to relationships, too—but you have two additional rights and one responsibility: the right to refrain from reading the comments, the right to unfollow your partner's social-media accounts, and the responsibility to get over your jealousy.

    A couple invited me to go on a trip as their third and to have threesomes. I am friends with the guy, and there is chemistry. But I have not met the girl. I'm worried that there may not be chemistry with her. Is there anything I can do to build chemistry or at least get us all comfortable enough to jump into it?

    Get this woman's phone number, exchange a few photos and flirty texts, and relax. Remember: You're the very special guest star here—it's their job to seduce you, not the other way around.

    Incest porn—what is the reason behind why it's so hot?

    I reject the premise of your question. There's nothing hot about incest porn.

    My partner really wants an open relationship; I really don't. He isn't the jealous type; I am. We compromised, and I agreed to a threesome. I want to meet him in the middle, but I really hate the idea of even a threesome and can't stop stressing about it. What should I do?

    You should end this relationship yourself or you can let an ill-advised, sure-to-be-disastrous threesome end it for you.

    Any dating advice for people who are gay and disabled?

    Move on all fronts: Go places and do things—as much as your disability and budget allow—join gay dating sites, be open about your disability, be open to dating other disabled people. And take the advice of an amputee I interviewed for a column a long, long time ago: "So long as they don't see me as a fetish object, I'm willing to date people who may be attracted to me initially because of my disability, not despite it."

    Why do I say yes to dates if I love being alone?

    Because we're constantly told—by our families, our entertainments, our faith traditions—that there's something wrong with being alone. The healthiest loners shrug it off and don't search for mates, the complicit loners play along and go through the motions of searching for mates, and the oblivious loners make themselves and others miserable by searching for and landing mates they never wanted.

    My boyfriend keeps talking about how much he would like for me to peg him. (I'm female.) Should I wait for him to buy a contraption or surprise him myself? We've been dating only three months.

    Traditionally, straight couples exchange strap-on dildos to mark their six-month anniversary.

    Gay guy, late 20s. What's the best timing—relative to meals and bowel movements—to have anal sex?

    Butts shouldn't be fucked too soon after a meal or too soon before a bowel movement. For more info, read the late, great Dr. Jack Morin's Anal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men, Women, and Couples—which can be read before, during, and after meals and/or bowel movements.

    My sister's husband describes himself as sexually "vanilla." She says she hasn't had an orgasm without a vibrator in seven years. They are currently separated, and he wants her back. If he makes some lifestyle changes (stops smoking so much weed, goes to the gym), is there hope for her sex life?

    Does your sister want him back? If so, taking him back is the only way to find out if he's willing to make these lifestyle changes and make them permanently.

    I went to a big kink event. Why are the people so fucking creepy? How can you find kinky folks who aren't super pervy?

    They're hanging out with the kinky folks who aren't super judgy.

    Why do all of my gay friends make passes at my boyfriends at some point? It's not just harmless flirtation, either.

    Your boyfriends are irresistible, and your gay friends are irredeemable.

    My girlfriend and I are having a debate. Which is more intimate: vanilla sex or sharing a whirlpool bath with someone? Can you settle this?


    Three great dates followed by a micropenis. What do I do? Him: six-foot-four, giant belly. Me: five-foot-five, normal proportions. Great guy, but the sex sucked.

    If you require an average-to-large penis to enjoy sex, don't keep seeing this guy. He needs to find someone who thinks—or someone who knows—tongues, fingers, brains, kinks, etc., can add up to great sex.

    As a trauma/rape survivor, I found myself attracted to girls afterward. Is this because I'm scared of men or am I genuinely attracted to girls? Is this a thing that happens after trauma?

    People react to trauma in all sorts of ways—some of them unpredictable. And trauma has the power to unlock truths or obscure them. I'm sorry you were raped, and I would encourage you to explore these issues with a counselor. Rape Victim Advocates ( can help you find a qualified counselor.

    Do you think a relationship in this day and age can last forever?

    Some relationships last forever and should, some last forever and shouldn't. "Forever," here defined as "until one or both partners are dead," isn't the sole measure of relationship quality or success.

    My boyfriend refuses to finish inside me. When he's about to come, he pulls out and comes on my chest. Every time. I told him I have an IUD and there's no risk of pregnancy. How do I remain a feminist when my boyfriend comes on my chest every night? I know he loves me, but I feel very objectified.

    A woman who enjoys having someone come on her chest doesn't have to surrender her feminist card for letting someone come on her chest. But you don't enjoy it—it makes you feel objectified in the wrong way. (Most of us, feminists included, enjoy being appreciated for our parts and our smarts.) Use your words: "I don't like it when you come on my chest. So that's over." He'll have to respect that limit or he'll have to go. If he doesn't feel comfortable coming inside you, IUD or no IUD, you'll have to respect his choice. He can pull out and come somewhere else—in his own hand, on his own belly, or in a condom.

    My boyfriend wants me to talk more in bed. I am not a shy person, but making sentences during sex doesn't come naturally to me—though I am very uninhibited with my vocals! What's a good way to get more comfortable talking during sex?

    Tell him what you're gonna do ("I'm gonna suck that dick"), tell him what you're doing ("I'm sucking that dmmffhm"), tell him what you just did ("I sucked that dick").

    Hey, Dan! I'm 27 and I just lost my virginity. Thanks for all the help!

    You're welcome! recommended

    On the Lovecast, Dan chats with the author of Everybody Lies:


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